About Us

Hello! Here is a Reader’s Digest version of us…

I’m Naomi and I have had a love for dogs since I was born. By the time I was 8 1/2 years old (after my father retired from the Navy) I began training my grandpa’s Sheltie “Casey”. We competed all over Washington state in 4-H and qualified for the 4-H state fair many times. As my training and knowledge of showing increased so did my desire to participate in more than just 4-H. After years of research and saving up (and convincing my parents) I found my first show dog- a white Pomeranian named “Snoball”. He was truly amazing and we were a great team! I showed him to many top wins in UKC, NCA, and AKC. As well as, years of 4-H and many best junior handler in show wins in AKC. I achieved my dream of showing at the Westminister Kennel Club show on February 14, 2005, with Snoball at the end of my lead.

Snoball wasn’t my only pom, but he was definitely my special boy. I bred and/or co-bred multiple champion pomeranians that are passing on Snoball’s legacy all over the world. He is well remembered and loved.

Ok, fast forward to 2020… (lots of life happened). After surviving a brain tumor, remarrying, the death of my mom in 2019 (who was my biggest fan), and having 4 boys of my own, the opportunity to get back into dog showing presented itself- and I grabbed it! The search began for the perfect family breed. After months of deliberating and researching breeds, we narrowed it down to either a corgi or Aussie. I found a local breeder who had BOTH! We went to meet her and her dogs. When we got there my eyes immediately saw Sage (litter name was Marionberry) running with her littermates. She was gorgeous! I knew she was the one for us.

Our boys immediately took an interest in learning how to show and it quickly became a family experience. Being able to show with my kids is such an amazing feeling and I’m so proud of CJ for his hard work and great attitude! Leo and Jaxon are looking forward to possibly showing when they’re old enough (Will is happy to help as a ring steward). My husband enjoys watching from the sidelines and is a great supporter and fan.

We hope to possibly have our first Aussie litter sometime in the next year!

Multi BIS NCA/UKC Am Ch. Jeddy Bear’s Memory CGC (Multi Group placer in AKC)

November 17, 1999 – April 10, 2010